About Us

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Our Beginning

He was born on July 25, 1945 in Naples Italy. He started as an apprentice cook at the age of 17, in a small restaurant in his hometown. Later, Chef Gaetano joined his uncle in Long Island New York, where he opened his first restaurant, called 'Aniello's'. After almost five years he decided to go back to Europe to work for the famous 'La Terrazza' in London, where he was employed as Sous Chef and Garde-Manger. Together with executive Chef Piero Fossati, he cooked for customers like Peter Seller, Giancarlo Giannini, Roger Moore, Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra.

His background also includes cooking in restaurants like 'Ciro a Santa Brigida' and 'La Sacrestia' in Naples, 'Nova Hotels', 'La Piave' in Modena, 'Villa San Pietro' in Vatican City Rome, Giararrosto Florence, and 'Bacco' in Munich, where the popular newspaper 'Die Seite Zwei' called Chef Gaetano the 'Pavorotti of Cuisine'.

Why Caruso?

The restaurant name was dedicated to the most famous Neapolitan singer 'Enrico Caruso'. The inspiring concept was to create on any given day, a place with great Italian food and a funky, relaxed atmosphere with engergy and romance, where you could find artists and executives, mothers and children, lovers and loners, young and old, all in one urban Utopia. Our approach is unique, with our authentic ingredients, traditional Neapolitan recipes and a true passion for Italy that keeps people returning for a little slice of Naples in our stores.

What is a Trattoria?

Trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment less formal than a restaurant, with more of a family style environment, with a rustic twist. The word Trattoria comes from the Italian word 'Trattore' meaning host, or innkeeper, and in latin means 'treat'.